Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eat chocolate to be genius

This will be music to the chocolate lover’s ears. A recent study has shown that eating chocolate could improve the brain's ability to do maths as well as boost your energy level. The study was carried out at the Northumbria University; the findings from the study suggest that, some compounds in the chocolate help to increase the blood flow in the brain. This helps in increased brain activity. From now on not at lot of parents will stand between the children and chocolates. This is a remarkable finding and if this claim is found to be true, it will be wonderful for the students.


zeeshan rahat kureshi said...

Well no offence, but right now it seems at least to me that Pakistan needs to be more vigilant than India in order to protect its nationals due to the growing Indain intervention through Afghanistan. I dont deny that same is not done by Pakistan too. However, the intelligence agencies on both sides of the border need to leave the civilians alone.

Khaleeqa DK. said...

Yes, it's a good news for the students especially. Because mostly teenagers and kids love to eat chocolate. the olders need to be encouraged to eat lots of chocolate in order to be healthy.