Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year wishes

Dear All,
Wishing you a New Year filled with good health, New hopes, New beginnings and Lots of smiles!! Happy New Year 2009!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12 Excel 2007 Shortcuts

1. Apply the outline border to the selected cells. [ Ctrl-Shift-& ]

2. Apply the Date format with the day, month, and year.[ Ctrl-Shift-# ]

3. Enter the current time. [ Ctrl-Shift-: ]

4. Enter the current date. [ Ctrl-; ]

5. Hide the selected rows. [ Ctrl-9 ]

6. Hide the selected columns. [ Ctrl-0 ]

7. Alternate between displaying cell values and displaying formulas in the worksheet. [ Ctrl-` ]

8. Display the Find and Replace dialog box, with the Replace tab selected. [ Ctrl-H ]

9. Display the Insert Hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlink. [ Ctrl-K ]

10. Display the Print Preview window. [ Ctrl-F2 ]

11. Switch to the next workbook window. [ Ctrl-F6 ]

12. Display the Macro dialog box to create, run, edit, or delete a macro. [ Alt-F8 ]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Proud To Be An INDIAN

Dear friends,

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
Announces INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM as the BEST National Anthem in the World.



Friday, December 26, 2008


Now it's all over, there is absolutely no use writing or debating about it. I find it extremely irritating to find news channels actually having a poll on whether the Mumbai blasts is a eye opener; Yes/No.

Now how silly can it get. The images of Taj and Oberoi on fire and streams of bullets killing the innocent has made me thinking, is this the price we pay for peace??

One disturbing piece of news that shook me was this. Tiny Moshe is the only survivor in his family. What does this two year old understand and how much of terror has he witnessed. Pictures of him in tears clenching a toy on his parent’s funeral were heart breaking.

He was seen in blood (not his own) when he was rescued by his nanny from the Jewish center at South Mumbai. Now who’s going to answer to the cry of this innocent child who had lost his parents on his second birthday?

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Perfeccionamento Cuba prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fidel Castro revolution on 1st January; most of those in power are the same people who fought along side him half a century ago.

The Country is led by Fidel’s brother Raul Castro is now the president and he chose 78yr old Machado Ventura as his number two, Cuba is one of the resilient government which is thriving, at the wake of the anniversary there is a buzz about in the streets of Cuba, there is a conscious efforts to grow with the world and the same time keep intact its communist ideologies.

The government has given priority to the effectiveness of its working they are trying to make the staterun system more efficiently than opening up to a free market like the Chinese have done.

The word Perfeccionamento meaning perfecting the system is used by officials a lot, politically there are no reforms, critics do have their doubts about tis parliament calling it a rubber stamp government, but many believe this system has served Cuba well, Cuba has strong ideals looking to perfect their own system than copying other countries.

Cuba is a country which has gone through hardships during revolution, but has thrived under Castro’s leadership, many years on it looks to grow under the younger generation of communists.