Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pope On You Tube

The Vatican City is launching its own you tube channel it was formally announced the channel on Friday. This is seen as step to reach the youth of today. The Vatican wants to engage more with the digital generation. This would also help in controlling pope’s online image. This attempt to reach the people wherever they are was approved by the pope himself. This move is widely been appreciated and applauded. The Vatican plans to update this site daily. The pope was found to have quoted that these new technologies and social networking sites as a gift. He indicated that these sites are very popular among the today’s youth; cater to the fundamental desire of the people to communicate. He also stated that these social networking sites could foster friendships and understanding. He also warned that these sites could isolate people and marginalize and others. He was also against the obsessive virtual socializing which can isolate from real interaction. He also urged the produces that the content respects human dignity. This site will be available in Italian, German, English and Spanish.