Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amazing Underwater


light fantastic said...

Wow that was really cool :D
I didn't know they could be so transparent until now.

Also thanks for your comment ! :)

yen said...

hi, added your linked already. thanks for the visit.

Lady Glamis said...

Nice video! Your blog looks like a fun place to stop and hang out. Looks like you have a lot of fun people stopping by! I'm from the Western United States. :)

SabreeNaz said...

Hi Friend, Never knew they are so deceptive... gr8 video!

Lynn Zhang said...

It's vanishin', isn't it?
or it's just changin' its own color?
That's amazin' !

Well..excuse me, may I ask you how to make a "traffic feed"(like yours) on your website? I feel like to have one..thx