Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stem cell therapy for blindness under lens

Hundreds of desperate British patients have spent up to 30,000 pounds on unproven stem cell treatments in china and elsewhere, an investigation by the Sunday times found. One treatment, popular among the parents of blind babies, has been branded “child abuse by a British stem cell researcher because of its possible risks. The Chinese company selling the stem cell therapy admitted this weekend that it had not yet conducted clinical trials of the treatment. The firm, Beike Biotech, also admitted that it could not say how many children had experience improvements. A number of British parents have resorted to launching fundraising appeals around the country to pay for the therapy abroad. The stem cell treatment offered by the Chinese company has not yet won regulatory approval in the UK. Pete Coffey of the university college London said that there is no evidence that the method offered by Beike Biotech works and added that the babies’ health could be put at risk.


Gbex said...

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Dave King said...

You, and any other person who can highlight these things is doing the world in general and humanity in particular, a service. Well done.